This is a comprehensive guide how to work with lighting
and set design on the scene
How to work with the course
This course was designed with the aspiring and advanced cinematographers.

This course
consists of four chapters and has three homework tasks. Each chapter has theory with video materials and practical tasks. Your main task is to watch all material and do all practical homework. This course is designed for both beginner and advanced levels. To work comfortably with the practice, you will need any artificial light source and a camera. All lessons are interactive — start applying the information right after watching a video lesson!

In the course you will master all the essential tools and techniques you'll need to make your own cinematic video.
Work of my students

Here are some shots of my students.
Guys were working with tools of lighting techniques and set design methods of this course.
Andrey Beresnev
Andrey Beresnev
Hey! My name is Andrey Beresnev. I am a DP, author of this course and host of the ANDBERY YouTube channel.

I work in the industry since 2013 year. I worked on many music videos, docs, commercials and movies. And for several years, I understand that we can make beautiful works if we can understand the lighting and set design. This is very important knowledge for any cinematographer.

And I'm happy to share the knowledge of light and set design that I collected all my career with you.
Basic tools to work with contrast

  • Introduction
  • Main tools for cinematic light
  • Volume light: work with light and shadow
  • Tonality and exposition
  • Work with contrast of temperature
  • Contrast of dense atmosphere
  • Homework #1
Set design

  • Visual storytelling
  • Set design: work with colors
  • Set design: work with decoration, props and clothes
  • Scouting
  • Homework #2
Light sources and grip

  • Negative fill, work with shadows
  • Reflection and diffusion tools
  • Bounce light
  • Type of light source
  • Homework #3
Lighting techniques
  • Techniques of lighting
  • Light setup process
  • Light schemes
  • Philosophy of lighting
  • The final
  • Homework #4
Basic course

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  • Unlimited access to lessons
  • Homework without feedback
Course with homework check

$380 / $350
  • Unlimited access to lessons
  • Checking of three homeworks (During 4 month after payment)

How long is the course?
You can learn the materials and do practice anytime. The course doesn't have a deadline.

You will have lifetime access to the course.
Do I need the light sources?
When you practice, you can rent any available light source. Or if you have your own source - it's great!

Also, you can practice all materials with natural light sources.
What if I don't like this course?
Oh no, I will just give your money back*. I want you to be happy with the study. And I am quite confident of my course, because all my students have impressive practical results with my techniques.

*We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee begins after paying this course. Refund of payment happens within 30 days.


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